The purpose of this web-site is to document a kayaking expedition that a group of friends have undertaken along the beautiful east coast of Tasmania in mid-February 2008.

>> Joe / Peter / Luke / Tony <<


This web-site is organised into 8 sections:

01 - Texture, Colour & Form
02 - Land & Seascapes
03 - Hunting & Collecting
04 - Imbibing
05 - Inhabiting
06 - Kayaking
07 - The Kayakers
08 - Sketches & Maps

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

01 Texture, Colour & Form

Freycinet has an endemic orange lichen on much of its surface granite.

The above mass is composed of fossilised seashells many hundreds of million years old.

Cray weed above.
Perished bull kelp below.

Ruins on Maria Island.

02 - Land and Seascapes

The Freycinet Peninsula

Mount Freycinet

The Hazards

Schouten Island in the distance.

Looking north from Schouten Island towards the southern tip of Freycinet.

Schouten Passage in between.

Cape Degerando.

Cape Baudin.

Cape Sonnerat.

Taillefer Rocks.

The south side of Schouten Island.

The beautiful Hen & Chicken Bay.

Kayak's view towards Maria Island from Schouten Island. Ile des Phoques just visible to the right.

Inside a sea cave on Ile des Phoques.